Is your cause wasting time and money?

Groups and causes often spend large amounts of time and money accomplishing very little, if anything at all. Of course, the people running those causes will tell you something different. They’ll point to the money they’ve raised or the number of people who’ve attended their events to say they’re making a difference. But they’re often wrong.

The fact is, most time and money spent on non-profit and political activities is wasted by people with great intentions who aren’t sure how to get their message. The primary culprits of this waste are:

  1. Unstated goals, rather than specific objectives
  2. A mission defined by opportunity, rather than mission-driven action
  3. An overly burdensome administration, or worse, lacking administration
  4. Member-oriented activities that never move beyond the membership

Perhaps your group or cause is suffering from one or more of these difficulties and therefore isn’t making the impact that it could. If so, you can extend the reach and improve the effectiveness of your cause by employing the expertise and technical resources of MoreInformation.NET.

We can help you to define your mission, identify opportunities, and communicate “more information” to the important people inside and outside your organization.

We have the experience, strategy and technology to improve your ability to accomplish your goals, while reducing the burdens of excessive administration for everyone involved.