Flash Polling: Know Where You Are

Successful causes and campaigns are run by professionals who know what they’re doing. But knowing is more than just a feeling.

Decisions are often based on the emotions and intuition by decision-makers who are too close to the cause to be objective. Unfortunately, information supplied by people “inside the bubble” of an organization simply can’t be trusted for accuracy. That’s why investing in objective data for strategic decision-making is so important.

In politics, “knowing what you’re doing” requires tapping into the minds of the public to see what THEY are thinking. This activity, known as “polling,” is often too expensive for smaller organizations and insurgent groups to utilize. That’s why MoreInformation.NET, LLC developed an affordable alternative to traditional polling that provides a quick glimpse into your effort’s effectiveness. For a fraction of the price many other pollsters charge, you can get a glimpse into the average person’s views on a limited set of concerns.

Don’t work in the dark any longer. Contact MoreInformation.NET, LLC to order your first “Flash Poll” today. Then, you’ll know whether the money and time you’re investing is making the difference you’d like to see.