Reducing Frustration, Increasing Effectiveness

Sometimes, the best way to improve an otherwise stressful or frustrating situation is simply to look for ways to reduce the added burden it creates for the people it affects.

Here are some examples of things to look for that can be minimized or eliminated altogether:

– Recurring costs that are unneccessarily expensive

– Tasks that consume time without creating a tangible benefit

– Wasted space

– Complicated issues that could be simplified

– Situations and/or dynamics that make participants frustrated or mad

– Assignments that take too long

– Anything that brings internal or external complaining

– Misunderstandings

– Any work that is duplicated or replicated

– Multi-step processes that can be completed in a single event

– Wasted resources

– Vendors charging money for services that can be obtained for free or at reduced costs

Close consideration should be given to the outcome produced by the investment of time, effort and money in relation to the results. In other words, every “product” should be compared with the price to see if it’s worth the investment.