Sending emails once was simple. Now it’s complicated.

Back when email began, nobody ever imagined how it would be used to manipulate and scam people one day. Now, e-hosts like Gmail, Hotmail, and Outlook require sending servers to program three important files in their domain settings before they’ll place messages into their clients’ inboxes.

Review the options below to have us check your domain’s compliance, set up your domain, and possibly even provide ongoing assistance to ensure your emails reach their intended audience.

$25 (1-3 domains)
- E-Deliverability Check
- DKIM+DMARC+SPF verified
- Same-day report
- 1-3 domains included
$95 (1 domain)
E-Checkup + the following:
- E-Deliverability Domain Setup
- DKIM, DMARC, SPF setup/edit
- Next-day report
E-Setup + the following:
- Email sender tracking
- Phone support
- E-behavior coaching