Organizational Consulting: Charting a Proper Course

It’s been said if you aim for nothing, you’ll hit it every time. So, if you can’t tell whether you’re making a difference, MoreInformation.NET can help you determine what your purpose is, and then see whether you are making the impact you want to make. Most importantly, the process will shed light on areas of waste, and reveal new areas of opportunity for you to pursue.

Reasons to acquire an Organizational Consultant:

  • Needing to clarify mission statement and/or group objectives
  • Questions about setting up a corporation or other entity
  • Difficulty determining non-profit status (ie. c3, c4, PAC, etc.)
  • Spending more time on decisions than action
  • Wanting help drafting qualifications for Board members
  • Strained relationships on the Board of Directors
  • Lacking a comprehensive Internet/social media strategy
  • Needing help establishing a sustainable fundraising operation
  • Wanting help determining candidate qualification and/or viability

DISCLAIMER: MoreInformation.NET, LLC helps clients by helping with organizational formation, mission-based planning and strategic development. None of its staff members are attorneys, and the company does NOT offer legal advice. As with all business and political endeavors, clients are encouraged to seek the advice of legal counsel with experience in the areas of your campaign or cause’s activities.