About MoreInformation.NET, LLC

MoreInformation.NET, LLC is a communications consulting and technical services company based in Virginia with customers and clients in several states. The company’s mission is “providing expertise, technology, and advanced services to help clients reach and engage their intended audiences”. Clients include businesses, causes, campaigns, and non-profit organizations.

The owners, staff, and partners of MoreInformation.NET, LLC have extensive backgrounds in various types of mass communications, including direct mail, e-broadcasting, media relations, paid social media campaigns, radio and television, and telemarketing on behalf of a wide variety of businesses and causes.


Here’s what people are saying about MoreInformation.NET, LLC:

In nearly four decades of political activism and campaign management, I’ve never encountered anyone who matches MoreInformation.NET’s mastery of today’s ever-changing campaign technology. Their laser-focus on the mechanics that actually decide the outcome of a campaign — particularly list and data management — is relentless. And their steely-eyed strategic instinct has been proven in one race after another. Today’s technology makes MoreInformation.NET accessible to candidates anywhere in the country. They’ve been an invaluable asset in my political pursuits, and there are none for whom I could offer a higher recommendation.

–Gary Glenn, Member of Michigan House of Representatives


I have taken at least ten classes of the sort MoreInformation.Net, LLC provided for our group. Without question, this was the most informative and thought-provoking. The instructor wasted no time. While it was a day-long class, at the end of the day the students were on the edge of their seats. I whole-heartedly recommend MoreInformation.NET’s training and consulting services.

–John Grigsby, SAP BW Developer


MoreInformation.NET, LLC not only understands how to craft a message but they know how to get your message out in multiple channels. Whether you need to use mail, digital, Internet, telephone or door-to-door communication MoreInformation.NET, LLC is the place to turn for solutions.

–Roy C. Jones, Certified Fund Raising Executive


I fully recommend MoreInformation.NET if you are in need of direction and implementation of an online strategy to get your message out regarding your conservative cause. Their services pay for themselves as they literally guide you in accomplishing your goals while saving you thousands of dollars. Their knowledge of the industry is comprehensive at just about every level — from sourcing to strategy.

–Scott Smith, Founder of WorldTouch, Inc.


MoreInformation.NET, LLC is able to see potential problems before they manifest themselves. Their experience and problem solving skills have saved us hours of work on more than one occasion.

–Ron Shank, Owner of Optimus Media